About Me
I'm Erika. A married twenty-something and mama of one, I'm a Texas gal currently residing in Utah. I am the owner of Esty shop Paper & Thread Co. and author of the Paper & Thread Co. blog. I absolutely adore my sweet little family and am passionate about creating new memories with them every day . You can read more about us, here. I am also extremely passionate about my faith and am both humbled and eternally grateful to see how much it has helped me change and grow - I am still evolving every day. I feel so grateful to have a job that I love which allows me flexibility and a sense of freedom, while giving me an outlet for my creativity and a feeling of accomplishment .
Things I Love
Blogs, fashion and home magazines, books, winter clothing but not winter weather, pipe dreams, reading in themes, chocolate cake, my computer, cooking , party planning, the idea of DIY projects, home decor, walkable cities and the hope to some day live in one, boots, pop music, fondue, travel, fleece lined leggings.
My Business
The beginning of Paper & Thread Co. is a story you've likely heard before. I had a job that I loved, but a baby girl I loved being at home with more. I was seeking a way to feel fulfilled as both a parent and as a person. It has always been a dream of mine to own my own business, and so one day I took a deep breath and decided to get started. My ultimate dream is to one day have an actual brick and mortar boutique, specializing in both clothing & accessories, as well as paper products & home decor items - hence the name Paper & Thread Co. I'm so thrilled to be starting small, and am so grateful to have a platform like Etsy that allows me to do that!
Paper & Thread Co. currently specializes in unique and completely custom iPhone covers. I always say that your most-used accessory deserves to be every bit as stylish as you are! I'm hoping that we'll soon have iPad covers, stationary, and home decor products to add to the mix! I am slowly growing and learning so much along the way! I thank everyone who has supported me so far in this venture!
This Blog
I hope to use this blog as a place of inspiration for both myself and my readers. I find inspiration in so many places - interiors, fashion, paper goods, color, photography, and of course, blogs. I plan to share news from my shop, design inspiration, interior design inspiration, fashion inpsiration, and DIY inspiration. I'm just getting started, so we'll see where it takes us!
Thanks for reading!


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